sorry i procrastinate in saying hi to everone...been distracted and all...well my new backround is totally kick ass if do say so myself...check it out and i'll write again in another month or so...


<3 db
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long time no type to ya'lalalala

HALLOS!!!!!!! how have you all been? i have been reading all of your fan-fics and being bored due to lack of things to do....anything new?
to sum up my monthes not writing i:

went to dances, went out, watched tons of tv, procrastinated, got rained on, fell on my ass, got in trouble, and was bored....thats pretty much it....

it was fun though,even if i was bored for most of the time.....well that just about it...

oh! my best friend asked me out....WHAT EVER SHALL I DOOOOO!?!?!?!?!

plezze give me advice!!!

mahalos plenty!!!!(aka thanks a lot)

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merry christmas all!!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how is every1 this christ-ram-hana-kwanzikah???? i'm havin a blast....




 well, i hope this christ-ram-hana-kwanzikah is great for all, so goodnight!!!
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i shall try to do this....i highly doubt it will be as good as others that i have read and hope full it won't be so WRONG that it is difficult to read....please don't judge me.....

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
and include the following things:
uniform, park, candy
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i feel happy cuz i just exercised and i feel great!!! i think i will do that much more often cuz i'm less EVIL.....well i can't wait for the next harry pothead....OOOPS!!! my bad, harry potter....hehehehehehehe.....i really can't wait also cuz this month we have like 4 or 5 days off cus of thanksgiving or what-not....well i don't really have much to say anymore.....OH! before i forget.....cm, can you make me an icon with the panda from Ranma 1/2 playing with a tire???? i was just wondering, cuz that panda is cool even if when he's a human, he is really stooooooopiddd!!!! well that's all folks!!!until next time i have to bore you again....hehehehe- hehehehehe-hehehehehehehehe.....
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(no subject)

~*~Result nr 9~*~

Your power is: Being a controller of an element

Explanation: Wether it is earth, fire, air or water or even all of them, you can control that element. That means you can manipulate their pysichal form and with just thoughts and make an inferno for example. In good purposes it can be used to protect but in evil purposes it is used to hurt.
As a person you are slightly 'odd'. People see you as different and probably has prejudices against you. They see you as 'weird' or the 'freak', and either that hurts really much or you chose to ignore it. You keep your hatred for people inside and probably daydream about killing them, which gives you satisfaction. Truth is you are not evil, only missunderstood and mistreated.
Negative aspects: Since you have deep problems inside you could get into some sort of mental illness or simply get depressed (if you aren't already).

16776 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 240613 times.
7% of people had this result.
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i am happy today cuz i am going to see a movie today.....it's the Legend of Zorro......why did they wait ten years to make the second movie??? well, any hoo.....i am going to a concert tomorrow and i will see my friends the day after that and then.....ummmm.....i don't know what i'll do on monday cuz.....I HAVE NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY,BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!! but that is mean of me to rub people faces in that.....too late....oh well.....sorry peoples.......i gotta go now.....
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i am ok and i have a lot to say but half of it, i am too tired to write....i am not suppose to be on the computer and my mom thinks i am doing my homework....ahhh....no....i am not doing my homework because it is by far the most retarded thing to ever exsist on this planet.....an let me tell you that is a great and near impossible feat to accomplish cuz 1)there are many retarded people (not born retarded, just plain retarded people choosing to act that way), 2)there are some really retarded things in exsistance ex. mosquitos, and 3)once again there are some really REALLY retarded people (not born retarded just plain normal people acting retarded and doing it by choice)....[sigh] God some people suck....i am also sick right now...
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i feel kind of sleepy right now but i am happy cuz i just finished school for the day...i am also happy cuz i just got a MySpace and my friend is going to customize it for me....i am kind of bored though because i can't find my friend's one but....shit happens....
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